Ever wondered what a Borough Councillor's role entails?

Ever wondered what a Borough Councillor's role entails?
I did! I was elected as a Councillor for the Lynn South & West ward of the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk on 5th May 2011.

A little bit about me:
I have lived in South Lynn for 7 years with my wife and work locally for the Norfolk Primary Care Trust as an IT Manager.

I am a Labour Councillor and whilst the local Labour group made some encouraging gains in the May elections (moving from 4 councillors to 13) we are still very much a minority opposition as the Tories hold 42 of the 64 council seats.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First case work

Picked up my first bit of case work this evening, speaking to a local resident who is finding it difficult to sell their property as a public footpath has been built over a portion of their land. Seems fairly clear to me that this shouldn't have happened (at least without having first established with the resident that it would be okay) and I am looking forward to getting my teeth into it over the next few weeks.

Other than this I have made a little bit of headway in looking at the status of the land on the old Del Monte factory in West Lynn. I had picked up on some concern about this site when attending the West Lynn forum some time ago and having learned that the council maintains a Derelict Land & Buildings register contacted the department that maintains this register to see if the Del Monte land was on it. Turns out that it isn't; I will be working with West Lynn residents over the coming weeks to ensure this is resolved.

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